BOOK REVIEW – Signs of Life: A Memoir in Poems

A diverse collection of poetry, thought-provoking and breathtaking, inspirational, and altogether wonderful, Knowles’ memoir is moving, hustling the reader through memories and philosophies that had me laughing at times and weeping at others. Engaging, unexpectedly page-turning for long-time lovers of poetry, and eye-opening to those discovering poetry for the first time, these verses, sometimes eloquent… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – Signs of Life: A Memoir in Poems


Zipping along smoldering concrete Encased by glittering steel I see her in the distance Beckoning, alluring, Calling me to days a decade gone by Flashbacks From a time neither adultish Nor childhood  But I don't recognize her. So I whisper, "this is not my city." She grows too fast Catering to those who never loved… Continue reading Denver